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Last week, before leaving for a vacation over the weekend, I noticed that my front door’s combination lock was a bit faulty as it is not locking my door properly. Of course, I can’t leave that faulty lock over the weekend or else I might not have anything left in my house when I get back. It is always better to prevent a bad thing to happen than to have remedies afterwards and regret that you should have prevented it when you still can. So, I quickly called Silver Fox Locksmith to ask for their help. The person who answered my call was very accommodating and addressed my problem accordingly. Just minutes after my call to them, a locksmith already came and repaired my faulty door lock fast! Many thanks, Silver Fox Locksmith!

Robert Jeter

Silver Fox Locksmith is the best! Why am I able to say it? This morning, I noticed that my car’s lock was not locking anymore. Unfortunately, I already called three locksmith companies, and none of them can resolve my issue as my car is a rare model. Yes, it was really frustrating. Then, a friend told me about Silver Fox Locksmith. He told me that they can resolve any car lock’s problem since they know how to fix any lock of any car model that were introduced and that are still in the market right now. So, I called them, and voila! They really did it! The repair was fast and was amazingly cheap! Kudos to all of the staff of Silver Fox Locksmith!

Erica Cha

Yesterday, I panicked when I realized that I forgot my car key inside my car! Good thing was that Silver Fox Locksmith is always there to the rescue. I called their hotline number right away, and the person (sorry, I forgot his name) who answered my call was very kind while getting my concern, contact details, and location. I never felt any doubt that the company may just fool me to get my details during our conversation. He really made me feel that my problem mattered to them and that they really wanted to help me – a good sign of a good company. So after few minutes after my call, a locksmith arrived and helped me solve my dilemma brought by me carelessness.

Dawn Thomas

It was one midnight last week when I got up to drink water, and I heard noises from the window. I was really frightened, but I had to check it and found out that it was the air that continuously slamming the window as its lock was already broken. Obviously, I can’t leave window with its lock broken not only because I got irritated of its noise but also because my house’s security was at risk. So, I called Silver Fox Locksmith, and they responded quickly. I was surprised because even though it was midnight, they were still able to deliver their job well. They fixed my annoying window’s broken lock and charged me lesser than I expected. Thank you, Silver Fox Locksmith!

Thomas Davis

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